Adapting to the Market

Sports clients need to quickly create content/stories that ENGAGE their multi-generational fan base across traditional, digital, and social viewing platforms. They also need the ability to create stories that build deeper fan engagement on secondary channels. Equally as important, they need the ability to curate and deliver content to third-parties and licensees.

Action packed sports games deliver entertainment for a multi-generational fan base. For most, it’s a pure escape, nothing gets fans heart pumping than that contentious call that becomes the watercooler discussion the next day. Sports connects fans to friends, neighbors, and to random strangers who feel the same pull and passion of the game.

Its never been as imperative to reach viewers through the platforms of their choice and market effectively through 3rd parties and licensees.

Creators of sports content have to be faster than the action. Try doing that with ballooning file sizes, format choices, and multiple cameras.

Sports pushes the envelope with the highest viewer demand for high frame rate, high resolution, and high dynamic range content.

Sports media groups and the production companies that support them have a variety of needs and requirements.

  • Efficiently manage and leverage the massive amount of media captured during live sporting events.
  • Efficiently manage and leverage the legacy content that lives in their archives.
  • Have access to fast and easy-to-use production tools that allow them to quickly search the production and archive storage to retrieve content for story assembly and/or distribution to third parties.

Sports is the conversation starter, the game that delivers community pride, a game that glues a family bond.

EditShare enables sports brands to better manage and monetize the millions of assets captured during live sports productions and stored in their historical archives.

  • Manage ingest from any number of cameras and work with multi-layered timelines in 4K definition and beyond.
  • Automated indexing of live sport and archival content using AI accelerates productions. FLOW’s integrated AI machine learning tags players, numbers, plays, fan behavior etc. with rich metadata, mitigating manual indexing mistakes and ensuring all content is searchable.
  • Security Auditing enables teams to follow the lifecycle of content from its arrival right through to its distribution point, keeping content away from theft and harm.
  • Open APIs enables IT administrators to manage and control user access, permissions and projects.
  • Tiered storage environment connects and manages online (for immediate production), nearline (for entire seasonal production), and offline (for historical archive).
  • Hybrid environments – workflows can be configured for on-premise or in the cloud.

Did You Know?

Sports broadcasting started in 1911 in Lawrence, Kansas. One evening, around 1,000 people gathered together in order to watch a reproduction of the Kansas vs. Missouri football game, all while the game was being played live in Missouri.

Reportedly, 77% of us now watch TV with a laptop, phone or tablet nearby. Collective moments such as big televised sporting events are prime second screen territory.

U.S. sports rights are estimated to be worth a total of $22.42 billion in 2019.


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