EditShare for Broadcast

Broadcasters want to break technology silos, consolidate solutions, and interconnect media groups for gains in efficiency and savings

Today’s agile and demanding stations are being designed and deploys to support 24/7 fail-safe environments.

Because content is turned around so quickly in broadcast, creatives often work with a single copy of their media, which can be costly if there’s a problem.

There is no concept of “uptime.” You’re either on-air, or you’re off.

EditShare keeps broadcasters online, simplifies the workflow, and integrates with your existing solutions.

  • EditShare EFS and FLOW provide broadcasters a storage backbone with integrated media management that connects media groups.
  • Governance capabilities enable IT/Engineering managers to easily and quickly establish user access and permissions for departments and divisions. They can control these rights via Active Directory and Single Sign On.
  • EFS Configurable Storage Groups lets users mix SSDs and HDDs in the same namespace.
  • Easily scale up to 5 Petabytes and beyond all within a single namespace.
  • Say on the air with no single point of failure across the entire technology stack. High availability to ensure continuous, optimal operations.
  • Shared storage access eliminates file copying and enables collaboration – optimizing asset use and better supporting fast-turnaround editorial environment.

Did You Know?

In a recent survey conducted by Adobe, 73% of creatives spend over 50% of their time doing repetitive non creative tasks.

Through our partnership with Helmut, we can provide all the back-office functionality that’s needed in a broadcast environment for an enterprise Adobe installation.

Helmut 4 natively integrates with FLOW Media management and EditShare’s EFS project spaces.


GBH Powers Media Workflows With EditShare Cloud Solutions

EFSv streamlines production with remote workflow flexibility


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