EditShare for Post-Production

Creatives in the post world want to choose the tools that let them finish the job their way.

Solutions need to support high bandwith, high performance and high throughput, working with Open EXR, CinemaDNG, DPX etc..

Post-producers rely on ultra-agile collaboration for on-site and remote members of the team.

It all comes down to this.

EditShare offers a media foundation that enables production teams to automate ingest and indexing, edit collaboratively, and deliver programs and highlights for broadcast, digital and social distribution.

  • EFS centralizes content with high speed and advanced project sharing enabling multiple editors to collaborate on high resolution media in-house or remotely.
  • FLOW Automation makes maintaining compliance easy by handling quality control and backup to cloud or on prem storage.
  • EFS supports user access control down to the folder level and auditing to the specifications of the TPN and MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) that does not stifle creativity.
  • AirFLOW offers automation ready review and approval with sign off capabilities from stakeholders located in any location.
  • Fast and accessible archive of long term content for easy browsing and retrieval for current projects.

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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Post Creates a Secure Self-Serve Video Archive for its Clients


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