Built on Openness

Open platform with broad compatibility across creative tools for editing, audio mixing, and grading

Scalable Workflow

Enabling high-performance cloud storage and collaborative editing

Your Media,
Your Cloud

Virtualized in AWS, Tencent Cloud, and other public and private cloud environments

EFSv is a cloud native solution that combines high performance storage, media management and remote workstations to extend video production to the cloud, while keeping you in control of your media and your cloud.

Simplifying the migration to the cloud with pre-configured and pre-tested EFSv solutions. These turn-key configurations allow you to immediately adapt your workflows from traditional, on-premise environments to cloud-enabled remote workflows.

EFS and FLOW implemented on AWS

Find out how EditShare and AWS are working together to move video production to the cloud.

Press Release

EditShare Innovation Dramatically Improves Economics and Brings Cloud Editing to Everyone

The seamless proxy editing feature of EFSv makes cloud editing irresistibly affordable

Cloud Bundles: EFSv (EFS + FLOW)

Review & Approve Proxies

Remote Access via AirFLOW

4 TB Usable Storage


Up to 3 Editors

16 TB Usable Storage

80 MBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for proxy editing


Up to 11 Editors

64 TB Usable Storage

287 MBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for HD high-res editing

Advanced Plus

Up to 15 Editors

48 TB Usable Storage

1.15 GBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for UHD high-res editing

Customer Story

Amazon Prime Video

Video Production in the Cloud with EditShare and Amazon Prime Video

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