Open platform with broad compatibility across creative tools for editing, audio mixing, and grading

Enabling high-performance cloud storage and collaborative editing

Virtualized in AWS, Tencent Cloud, and other public and private cloud environments

Simplifying the migration to the cloud with pre-configured and pre-tested EFSv solutions. These turn-key configurations allow you to immediately adapt your workflows from traditional, on-premise environments to cloud-enabled remote workflows.

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EditShare Innovation Dramatically Improves Economics and Brings Cloud Editing to Everyone

The seamless proxy editing feature of EFSv makes cloud editing irresistibly affordable

Cloud Bundles: EFSv (EFS + FLOW)

Review & Approve Proxies

Remote Access via AirFLOW

4 TB Usable Storage


Up to 3 Editors

16 TB Usable Storage

80 MBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for proxy editing


Up to 11 Editors

64 TB Usable Storage

287 MBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for HD high-res editing

Advanced Plus

Up to 15 Editors

48 TB Usable Storage

1.15 GBps Editing Bandwidth

Suitable for UHD high-res editing

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Amazon Prime Video

Video Production in the Cloud with EditShare and Amazon Prime Video

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