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Adapting to the Market

Agencies have internal and external global stakeholders who require access to content in order to collaborate on projects, facilitate review and approval, and deliver those projects over broadcast, digital and social channels.

Whether consulting major apparal brands, the latest gadget makers, or car manufacturers, video is the most effective way to deliver their messages and to delight and retain customers.

Advertising and creative agencies develop the creative narratives that inspire, influence, and capture people’s attention across all mediums.

Agencies leverage input and collaoration across many contributors, like directors, media creators, finishing staff, and end users.

Agencies captivate markets by extending reach through a variety of channels, devices, and formats.

EditShare puts control into the hands of our customers, to keep creatives collaborating without mixing up clients and media.

  • EFS and FLOW offers a media foundation for hyper collaborative productions. It enables internal and external stakeholders to store, collaborate and distribute content directly to broadcast, digital and social media channels.
  • EditShare is IT-friendly and can be deployed within the current network framework of agencies.
  • EditShare Ark enables agencies to archive previous projects, folders and content.
  • EFS secures projects, folders and content, making sure sensitive assets don’t go missing.
  • AirFLOW enables remote contributors, directors, and finishers to work with centrally located content.
  • FLOW Story provides precision editing, enabling users across the world to work with low resolution proxy content and syncronize with an NLE of their choice.

Did You Know?

The Association of National Advertisers in the U.S. found that 78% of its corporate members had some kind of in-house media agency and department in 2018, versus 58% in 2013. That’s 20% growth over five years.


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