Media Storage and Management for Digital Newsrooms

The Landscape

Delivering live news content production quickly and efficiently is essential for broadcasters. EditShare’s Live News solutions can help you to do just that with your production processes. 

Our content production solution provides a centralized storage system, smart news post production tools, and a range of other features that can help you to improve your workflow, collaborate more effectively, and deliver live news content more quickly.

News has evolved rapidly, and as nightly TV viewership holds relatively steady, online video and audio news is surging.

Simplification through the best tools and powerful automation is the key enabler that promotes the speed, quality, and syndication of the most successful news providers.

Breaking news video travels over new mobile and social platforms. Efficient, flexible content creators dominate these channels.


In short, news organizations need a fast, reliable set of tools to bring sources, stories, and ultimately people together.

EditShare solutions work together to reduce the complexity and cost of managing a constant influx of content and the insatiable appetite of news audiences worldwide.

  • EditShare provides the IT backbone infrastructure for content of all formats and sizes to reside on.
  • With EditShare EFS and FLOW, news channels have a solid foundation to control, edit, and playout all live news content to air with wide compatibility with 3rd party playout and rundown systems.
  • AirFLOW enables remote contributors and bureaus to work with content located on premise in the station.
  • Open environment is broadly compatible with video editing software tools, audio editing, creative applications and video post production software (Avid, FCPx, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio and more).
  • FLOW Story provides precision editing, enabling users across the world to work with low resolution proxy content and synchronize with an NLE of their choice.
  • FLOW Automation enables powerful workflow orchestration tools that can transcode all incoming media sources and deliver completed packages to playout servers.

Did You Know?

Combined advertiser expenditures for the evening broadcast news programs, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News, were $518 million in 2018, a decline of 6% compared with 2017, according to estimates from Kantar Media.

The average audience for the evening newscasts for ABC, CBS and NBC remained relatively stable in 2018, with 5.3 million viewers tuning in on average, compared with 5.2 million in 2017, according to Comscore TV Essentials® data.

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