Open Storage Solutions

Creative and Workflow Freedom

Free to choose your own creative toolset as well as a full set of RESTful APIs enabling you to support workflows to suit your needs.

Optimized for digital media workflows

Designed for media and production environments. Redefines storage to maximize digital media performance that is equally suitable for deployment on-premise or in the cloud.


Start small and grow with non-disruptive, cost-effective scaling up to 5PB and beyond supporting hundreds of millions of assets.


EFS 450

A 3-node, 96TB entry-level cluster with over 2.3GB/s of bandwidth that can scale linearly to more than 5PB

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EFS 300

A 16 drive configuration that can scale from 32TB to a fully expanded Enterprise cluster of more than 1PB

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EFS 200

An entry level configuration that can scale to a three-node configuration supporting 360TB

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Engineered for bandwidth-hungry formats such as uncompressed DPX, DNxHR 444 and ProRes 4444 – scaling from 8TB to 5PB

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Metadata Controller

The ‘control system’ for the movement and connections to any large-scale deployment of multiple EFS nodes

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A storage node intended for ‘parking’ media that needs immediate accessibility but at the extreme speed of an online production workflow

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The solution for backup your content to tape or disk – whether temporary, short-term, or permanent archive

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