New Media

Adapting to the Market

The change in dynamics in the media industry has shifted considerably. With new media challenging traditional methods of news and content creation. The explosion of high resolution sensors in smartphones and low cost film quality cameras have seen a huge increase of content hitting the web for public consumption.

With digital video advertising budgets set to continue growing at a faster pace than their TV counterparts, that presents an attractive option for marketers who want to reach the young, affluent, and digitally savvy demographic who turn to YouTubers and other video channels for the latest trends, must-haves, beauty tips, video game walkthroughs, and more who make up the site’s viewers.

New media offers new mechanisms of engaging with highly targeted and loyal consumers.

New companies are delivering production quality content solely to streaming meda platforms like youtube, disrupting the traditional flow of new media and content.

Creative hobbies can become massive media enterprises overnight, without the need of traditional broadcast infrastructures.

Social influencers and streamers are todays new media celebrities.

EditShare helps a hobby become a career, with limitless scale and openness across all major creative platforms.

  • EFS offers a centralized shared repository that scales from TB to PB and supports an expanding number of collaborating creatives.
  • FLOW’s smart production tools enable fast tagging, search, retrieval, editing and sharing of content.
  • EFS is project structured, simplifying the set up and management of multiple project media, metadata and folder structures across departments.
  • Open environment fully supports all creative applications (Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, etc.).
  • AirFLOW offers internal review and approval with sign off capabilities from any location.

Did You Know?

Videos will account for an incredible 82% of all online traffic by the end of 2020. We consume videos and watch television as our second favorite pastime, right behind sleeping.

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

In 2019, eight-year-old, Ryan Kaji, earned $26 million from his YouTube channel, “Ryan’s World.”


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