FLEX Cloud Video Storage

EditShare FLEX is a suite of turnkey, ready-to-go solutions for remote collaborative workflows and video editing in the cloud. You choose the modules you need – including edit in the cloud and multi-premises synchronization – and implement them in your own cloud account.

Your choice

Completely agnostic for you to use your preferred NLE software

Your scale

Build and expand workflows to meet the needs of your growing operations

Your cloud

Implement FLEX in your cloud account for security and cost-effectiveness

Product overview

FLEX is a suite of cloud-based asset management and storage software:

FLEX cloud video storage explained

Product features

The lightweight asset management layer, tailored to the specific needs of production. It gives you an adaptable workflow environment, with tight integrate with all the popular NLE packages. With FLOW you have all you need to ingest, index, manage, automate and share video assets across workgroups.

The software-defined storage layer, making full use of AWS services, optimizes the cost/performance balance that readily adapts to your evolving needs. It can run as a single storage node on AWS, or it can work with clustered storage, with or without N+1 redundancy. You determine the scale of bandwidth and storage.

FLEX cloud video storage
flex cloud edit video storage

Edit in the cloud using virtual workstations, controlled from your desktop using industry-standard remote access software. Use your preferred edit software, including Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Blackmagic and more in the completely open hosting environment, with processing power specifically tuned for video.

Add bundled file transfer acceleration for seamless uploads from any location. Cloud Edit+ is also integrated with workstation management features, allowing teams to control their use of virtual workstations to maintain clear control over costs. FLEX Cloud Edit and Cloud Edit+ are built on pre-configured AMIs (Amazon Machine Instances) to provide tailored support for virtualized editing and access to cloud and on-premises storage.

flex cloud edit plus cloud video storage
flex cloud sync cloud video storage

Production companies and post houses are turning away from the overheads and inherent inflexibility of LTO tape for archiving, with the cloud now seen as more accessible, economical and resilient. FLEX Cloud Sync provides a simple route to back up media libraries and FLOW databases to AWS S3, where it can be retrieved when required.

Add bundled file transfer acceleration for seamless uploads from any location. Cloud Even if you are not yet ready to embrace the cloud for production, you can still benefit from FLEX to boost your remote access. The software can be used to support remote locations, working from home and other collaborative workflows using on premises storage. It gives access to both full resolution and proxy files, dependent on available bandwidth, to users anywhere with a secure VPN connection.

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Every element of EditShare FLEX runs in your secure AWS cloud account. That gives you complete control over management, costs and security. You continue to benefit from your investments, relationships and discount structures from your cloud vendor. EditShare FLEX provides unrivaled productivity, connectivity and security; you retain ultimate control and authority.

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