Step up your remote broadcasting game with MediaSilo


In the ever-changing world of broadcasting, remote projects have transformed the industry. The pandemic showed us what was possible, with production moving from inside studios to live locations and even peoples’ homes, using techniques that may include remote desktop software and cloud platforms such as Zoom and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Several elements are needed to execute remote broadcasting successfully, including a reliable internet connection, quality broadcast equipment and web-based tools for collaborating on video editing, graphics and more. Broadcasters also face continuously shifting, imminent deadlines, so streamlining workflows and sharing files quickly is imperative. That’s why employing the right collaboration tool is so important. 

Why team collaboration is essential for remote broadcasts  

Remote broadcasts require capturing massive amounts of audio and video content from remote locations and sending it all to a central facility or studio. The remote production team must collaborate efficiently with that facility to ensure a seamless broadcast. 

Digital video transmission enables the delivery of high-quality content and timely updates to their audiences, regardless of the geographical distance between facilities. That’s why having the right equipment is imperative for the success of a remote broadcast.

In this industry, creating and editing content quickly is nonnegotiable. If a single copy of media gets lost or destroyed, finding something else to plug in for that evening’s broadcast in a pinch can cause a frenzy, with producers and editors scrambling to fill the slot. That’s why resilience is essential, along with having alternate media available online at all times. If a producer needs to pivot to a new story at the last minute, they must have access to all the required assets without adding the unnecessary delays of searching for the proper files. 

Employing the right video collaboration software can increase your team’s overall efficiency and help establish clear goals. Sharing information quickly and easily saves you the most precious resource available in broadcasting – time. Additionally, when your team sees the results of their work in real-time, it can help boost morale and strengthen the culture.  

How MediaSilo accelerates collaboration 

MediaSilo’s cloud-based video management and collaboration software is designed to streamline your workflow and video collaboration process. The software provides real-time feedback and file sharing in a secure web-based environment ideal for remote teams. 

From a production and post-production standpoint, employing video collaboration software like MediaSilo is an essential ingredient in a remote broadcast team’s success. The tool makes it easy to manage, share, review and present your video projects all in one place. MediaSilo is a creative collaboration HQ that provides the following capabilities: 

Asset management 

Save time with fast file uploads that allow you to store everything from clips to scripts to project files in one secure location so they are ready to use. Accelerate your team’s creative process with intuitive folder navigation, metadata-rich search and tagging, and flexible user permissions. You’ll also be able to keep your assets current, track changes and update versions as needed. 

MediaSilo - Asset Management

Streamlined communication 

Expedite your review process and make edit requests clear using time-coded comments or on-screen drawings. Brainstorm and collaborate with your entire team, whether in the field or the studio, in real-time with MediaSilo’s cloud-based software (available through the web browser or app). Enable private or password-protected external links—allowing outside collaborators to interact with your team. You can also limit comments to a select user group to keep your information assets confidential. 

MediaSilo Review and Approval

Showcased content with Spotlight

MediaSilo empowers broadcasters to create bespoke digital experiences that showcase content as intended with customizable templates, pitch decks and microsites. Share access with specific users via password or to a broader audience with open access. Gauge what content gets the most engagement with Insights, the analytics tool that allows you to track activity, viewing location and history of any individual user, file, link or presentation.  


Trusted security

Ensure only specific users can access your content with MediaSilo’s password-less login and multi-factor authentication. The most effective theft-deterrent measure is available by placing user-specific SafeStream™ customizable watermarks on your content. You can also generate one-time links to verify user identity, grant secure access to login, and share content securely with private expiration-dated links and role-based user permissions. 

Data-driven insights

MediaSilo makes it easy to see your videos’ performance in real time within one central dashboard. You can measure the engagement of your content, review user logs, monitor drop-off points, and more—to see which users and files are the most active. You can also export your data in different formats and track review links to see views, comments, and approvals. 

MediaSilo Insights Analytics Feature

Why broadcast professionals choose MediaSilo

MediaSilo solves many common problems faced by broadcast professionals. Remote broadcasters often encounter unreliable internet upload performance. MediaSilo tracks the progress of your uploads, reports on the speed and recovers the files if your connection is interrupted. Our robust tools for managing user permissions and two-factor authentication mean you never have to worry about gaining secure access to station video and graphic assets. 

MediaSilo also helps broadcast professionals with the following: 

Today’s broadcast professionals and post-production teams want the freedom to choose the tools they prefer without compromising the creative process, and that’s where MediaSilo comes in. 

Widely known as a go-to platform for post-production professionals in the TV, media and entertainment industries, MediaSilo is used by production companies, broadcasters and content creators worldwide. Providing a centralized hub for media management, collaboration and distribution, MediaSilo streamlines your workflows, accelerates team collaboration and helps you distribute content to the market faster.  

MediaSiloallows for easy management of your media files, seamless collaboration for critical feedback, and out-of-the-box synchronization with your timeline for efficient changes. See how MediaSilo is powering modern post-production workflows with a 14-day free trial.

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