Revolutionizing media storage: Introducing EFS NVMe

A massive upgrade to throughput is one of the latest innovations from EditShare, set to revolutionize the world of media and entertainment storage.

3x more bandwidth and throughput

Built on our trusted media-aware EditShare file system (EFS), EFS NVMe harnesses the power and speed of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drives to deliver a superior storage experience. With three times more bandwidth and throughput compared to traditional SSD storage solutions, which, by definition, were 5-times faster than HDD nodes, EFS NVMe enables creative editors to stay in their creativity zone without any limitations on codec, frame rate or plate size. 

Storage specifically for high-end finishing work and file-per-frame workflows

Specifically designed for high-end finishing work and file-per-frame workflows in the post-production and VFX market, EFS NVMe is the perfect fit for creatives who demand the highest level of performance with an added intelligent layer of control over projects, permissions and users who can access and modify the content. 

Improvements to the EFS native drivers now allow a single Mac or Windows workstation to read file-per-frame content in excess of 3 GB/sec. This extreme workstation performance, once unheard of for a NAS, means that EFS NVMe is perfect for workflow territory that was previously reserved for only the highest-end SANs or direct attached storage.

Whether you’re working on UHD video projects, complex visual effects or real-time editing tasks, EFS NVMe delivers smooth multi-layer playback and lightning-fast access to your original media assets.

Seamless integration and scalability

What sets EFS NVMe shared storage apart is its seamless integration with the EditShare ecosystem. Existing EditShare storage clusters can easily incorporate EFS NVMe, allowing users to expand their storage capacity and workflow without disruption. Whether you’re a small production house or a large-scale studio, EFS NVMe fits perfectly into an existing EditShare environment, or if you’re starting with EditShare, it will provide a scalable and future-proof storage solution that will meet your needs for years to come.

Technical Specifications/ Hardware Platform

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