How to Send Large Video Files and Promote Better Workflow


One thing that every media company has in common is the need for a platform that allows for fast and easy sharing of large video files. This is essential for any company that depends on delivery of media content, ensuring a business infrastructure that promotes better workflow and higher satisfaction of clients as well as employees. Wiredrive was built with precisely this in mind, providing professionals who produce, manage, and pitch video content, with a streamlined and speedy file sharing website that can’t be beat. Whether you are an independent contractor or an international media company, Wiredrive is the best business solution for sending large video files.

Understanding how to send large video files is far more complex than simply following a prescribed set of instructions. Without the proper platform, any attempts at online file sharing will be time-consuming, aggravating, and potentially unsuccessful. Wiredrive provides a global content delivery network that ensures equally fast uploads and downloads of video files of any size, ensuring that your company can send large video files without any roadblocks or delays.

Our media management platform was built to promote better workflow, expedite and facilitate client review process, and provide reliable access to all digital assets regardless of when or where they are being viewed.

To send large video files via Wiredrive, you simply need access to your custom Wiredrive system, no software installation required. Once on the site, you can upload digital assets of any size and format, from any type of device. Selective transcoding means that everyone on the project can see content without needing to re-encode the files, which saves time and retains quality. You can drag and drop multiple files at once, and can review already uploaded content simply by clicking play – with zero download time or buffering.

Having one workspace capable of handling all your digital assets, is essential to ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow. Wiredrive provides media companies with everything they need to manage their video files, all in one speedy and reliable place. Using our online media management site means that your company does not need to lose any valuable time and gives you the capacity to tackle any project that comes your way. Sending large video files will no longer give you or your clients any unnecessary anxiety and enhanced workflow will ensure that both your employees and your clients are satisfied.

Managing a media company has its hurdles, but being able to send large video files should not be one of them. Let Wiredrive handle the work and make the job easier for you. Having a Wiredrive system will save you valuable time and money and will make the job easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved. Wiredrive places all of your digital assets on one easily accessible platform that everyone can understand, navigate, and utilize, regardless of their company role or geographical location.