Give Your Content Presentation the MVP Treatment



Spotlight, a completely unique digital experience builder fully integrated into MediaSilo’s asset management functionality, allows content owners to present assets with professional, branded microsites and presentations. With enterprise-grade security, in-depth activity tracking and analytics and the ability to live stream events, Spotlight gives sports teams and networks the power to instantly deliver content to fans.

Better Presentation Tools

Spotlight connects to all your MediaSilo projects and assets, enabling your team to dynamically create and customize a branded, secure digital experience for your fans and media contacts. No need to shuffle files between various systems – just drag and drop assets directly into your Spotlight design. Your Spotlight page updates instantly as you add or remove files from synced playlists, removing the need to generate new playlists with fresh assets after every update. This means your audience will always have instant access to the latest press releases or highlight clips.


Go Live for Special Events

You can live stream any event to fans directly from Spotlight, such as post-game press conferences, court-side commentary or even off-season training camp updates. Just add our livestream element to your Spotlight template, allowing audiences to stream your event without leaving the customized viewing experience of your Spotlight. You can even include a library of past events to keep fans engaged and updated on all the latest news.


Simplify Media Logistics

Spotlight allows you to see how your content is performing in real-time with one central Insights dashboard. Measure engagement, performance and drop-off points so you know which plays are hitting home with your audience and which have been banished to the bench. You can also review user access logs to see which viewers are most active and what content keeps bringing them back, helping you better understand your audience’s behavior and plan future content that will keep them engaged. Search Spotlight insights by date range, title, URL, viewer or file type, and export that data in a variety of formats.  

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Enterprise-Level Security

Spotlight also delivers on the studio-grade security practices of MediaSilo. This makes having a secure platform that protects against cyberattacks and intellectual property theft mission-critical. Spotlight provides multiple security options, such as custom user access policies, password protection, dynamic personalized visible and forensic watermarking and workspace permission customization. Ensuring your content is seen only by those who are supposed to see it when they’re supposed to see it.  

No Coding Required

Unlike other platforms that require coding and UI/UX experience, Spotlight provides no-code, professionally designed and completely customizable templates to users. Either start with a blank canvas or use one of our premade templates that you can quickly update to include your team’s unique font, colors and logo. You and your team can reuse the same template multiple times or create one-off templates for special events like special team announcements or promo packages. 


Available exclusively to MediaSilo customers, Spotlight lets you present work-in-progress projects professionally, simply and securely.

To learn more or get started with Spotlight today, dive into our Spotlight knowledge center and sign up for a free trial of MediaSilo.

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