Media Intelligence

The ability to enrich metadata and support flexible delivery options is an expanding requirement for video production teams. The ability to document, index and search against video assets allows organizations to build more value into their content. EditShare offers integration with AWS Media Intelligence solution to support these diverse video workflow needs.

Extract valuable video metadata with simple to use workflows

Unlock media archives and index for re-use

Automate transcodes for proxy and delivery formats

The EditShare EFSv platform integration with the Media Intelligence solution allows teams to:

  • Wraps metadata enhancement services around FLOW’s automation and management capabilities
  • Dynamically scale catalog ingest and archive workloads with scalable video and audio logging
  • Expose the value of content libraries via search and library services

EditShare’s integration with Media Intelligent solution provides the benefits of bringing easy to scale metadata capabilities to video production teams

  • Maintain your workflows, use your favorite editing tools and scale the infrastructure as you see fit
  • Benefit from the global scale and resilience offered by AWS
  • Enhance archives and create browsable video proxies out of existing high-resolution archives
  • Tap into the EditShare APIs to further enhance integrations into existing services and applications

Customer Story

Video Production in the Cloud with EditShare and Amazon Prime Video