Recruiting a Diverse Workforce with Jason Jones


Our guest Jason Jones delves into the importance of diversity when searching for new talent for your workforce. It goes beyond just a diverse applicant pool, but really targeting new audiences and tailoring your recruitment marketing to the talent you want to be hiring at your company.

The following interview is an excerpt from our video series, Marketing – In Conversation. To watch the full interview and see more video content, click here. Or you can listen to the Shift In Conversation podcast here. 

Jason Jones – Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist – DraftKings
Grace Amodeo – Marketing Manager – Shift Media

Tell us about yourself and DraftKings.

DraftKings is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company with products that range from daily fantasy sports, regulated gaming, and digital media. We launched in 2012 and we are the only US-based vertically integrated sports betting partner. My career in tech began around 2013 where I was in a traditional talent acquisition role. I was tasked with uncovering passive talent, and finding people based off of the needs of the hiring manager’s qualifications.