The EFS 40PLUS is a scale-out shared storage node that delivers the benefits of the EditShare file system while providing exceptionally high storage density in a single chassis. Because the EFS 40PLUS is optimized for storage capacity, large EFS storage clusters are possible with a lower number of nodes. The result is a lower cost per terabyte, yet the EFS 40PLUS still has all the robustness and reliability of EFS.

Metadata Controller:

The metadata controller comes as 2U rack mountable chassis and provides high availability to an EFS Workgroup and operates as the traffic management system, controlling and distributing data across the EFS Parallel files system on all nodes, confirming that no single point of failure occurs. A second metadata controller can be added to the primary to provide total redundancy, ensuring that facilities in mission critical environments need never skip a beat. Adding a metadata controller to an EFS workgroup enables a facility to grow up to 5PB – within a single EFS Namespace.

Key Features

  • Optimized for storage capacity, large EFS storage clusters are possible with a lower number of nodes, resulting in lower cost per terabyte
  • Always presents a single storage namespace irrespective of number of storage nodes
  • Perfectly built for multi-stream HD and 4K collaborative production and playback
  • Fault tolerant with the addition of a second metadata controller, implements advanced IPMI-fencing and PDU-fencing mechanism
  • High Availability options to increase uptime with ‘no single point of failure’ infrastructure


  • 24 x Enterprise-Grade 16 TB HDDs,
  • hot-swappable, front-accessible, RAID-6 protection(10+2)
  • 4U rack-mountable chassis
  • Two-port 10GBASE-T NIC
  • 12 Gb/s RAID controller card
  • Redundant power supplies  and cooling
  • Typical Thermal Output 1535 BTU/hr

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