Metadata Controller


The EFS metadata controller is the captain system, designed to control all movement and connections to any large-scale deployment of multiple EFS nodes. The metadata controller provides high availability to an EFS Workgroup and operates as the traffic management system, controlling and distributing data across the EFS Parallel files system on all nodes, confirming that no single point of failure occurs.

A second metadata controller can be added to the primary to provide total redundancy, ensuring that facilities in mission critical environments need never skip a beat.

Key Features

  • Management to all files located in the EFS cluster
  • Controls the protection of all files and folders
  • Administers all clients connecting to an EFS project
  • Available in a High Availability configuration
  • Enables systems to grow up to 5 PB and beyond


  • Two hot-swappable SSDs for system configuration and metadata management
  • Multiple network cards available
  • Redundant power supplies and cooling
  • 1U rack-mountable chassis

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