EFS 450


EFS 450 is designed to meet demanding bandwidth, storage capacity, fault-tolerance and management requirements of large-scale workgroups and media operations. A 3-node, 192 TB entry-level cluster provides over 2.3 GB/s of bandwidth and its native XOR protection will tolerate the loss of an entire storage node. Bandwidth and capacity are expanded linearly by simply plugging in additional storage nodes to reach unlimited capacity.

While being expanded, an EFS 450 can continue to support production while background processes distribute data to newly-added nodes. Thanks to its RAM-based EFS Metadata servers, the EFS 450 insures that Reads and Writes are processed quickly. Our unique SwiftRead feature manages resource contention that arises in shared storage environments to prevent dropped frames on ingest and playout operations. Lastly, two or more metadata servers can be paired to create a true high- availability environment.

Metadata Controller

The metadata controller comes as 1U rack mountable chassis and provides high availability to an EFS Workgroup and operates as the traffic management system, controlling and distributing data across the EFS Parallel files system on all nodes, confirming that no single point of failure occurs. A second metadata controller can be added to the primary to provide total redundancy, ensuring that facilities in mission critical environments need never skip a beat.

Key Features

  • Distributed file system and multiple levels of hardware redundancy ensure the highest level of data protection
  • Multiple levels of RAID that increase both reliability and performance
  • High Availability options to increase uptime with ‘no single point of failure’ infrastructure
  • Choice of file protection mechanisms to suit content value and budget
  • Grow to 5 PB and beyond
  • Fault tolerant with the addition of a second metadata controller, implements advanced IPMI-fencing and PDU-fencing mechanism
  • EFS 450 permits wide-scale simultaneous users of media with project sharing


  • Two hot-swappable 480 GB SSDs for system configuration and metadata management
  • Multiple network cards available
  • Redundant power supplies and cooling
  • 2U rack-mountable chassis

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