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Video production workflows are increasingly looking towards the flexibility that cloud deployments offer. AWS and EditShare have partnered to make that migration compelling and seamless. EditShare’s FLEX has been deployed, tested and optimized for the AWS environment, allowing our customers to scale their projects workflow requirements to meet the needs of their budgets.

Customers need to support geographically dispersed workforces

Projects benefit from the migration towards OpEx driven budgeting

Collaboration requires the flexibility of scalable production workflows

AWS Qualified Software

The EditShare FLEX platform on AWS allow video production groups to:

  • Scale AWS infrastructure to meet project performance &  budget requirements
  • Optimize costs using intelligent mixing and matching of AWS EBS block storage and S3 Object storage
  • Migrate workflows from backup solutions all the way through full on-line video editing

EditShare-AWS Implementation Overview

EditShare provides a scalable video production environment capable of adapting to a variety of storage and bandwidth requirements. 
The diagram above presents the FLEX solution architecture that you can deploy to the AWS environment.

Ensuring your production is operational all the time requires evolving new approaches to video production workflows.  EditShare and AWS provide a variety of solutions to keep your business moving forward.

  • Seamless Proxy editing can allow for cost-effective remote editing, while allowing for access to high-resolution content with the push of a button.
  • Maintain your workflows, use your favorite editing tools and scale the infrastructure as you see fit.
  • Benefit from the global scale and resilience offered by AWS
  • Intelligent backup and business continuity for your existing workflows
  • Tap into the EditShare APIs, take advantage of AWS Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services such as image recognition, translation services and transcoding capabilities.

Did You Know?

AWS offers durability of up to 99.999999999% for your stored content

Security in the cloud offers significant benefits versus on-premise approaches

The TCO for cloud based services can benefit almost any size business

Customer Story

Video Production in the Cloud with EditShare and Amazon Prime Video