Welcome to FLOW: What is FLOW?

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series introducing EditShare’s FLOW Asset Management and Remote Video Collaboration.

A New Layer of Intelligent Media Management for Your Storage

EditShare FLOW is a software-defined media asset management suite, designed to manage millions of media and non-media assets across multiple tiers of post-production storage. Whether you’re an edit assistant, producer or an online editor, FLOW’s unique workflow capabilities enables teams located across the globe to connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly with a comprehensive tool set for every team member. And as a software solution, FLOW can be installed on your own hardware, offering the ability to scale as and when you need – from two users up to hundreds of team members.

FLOW scans and indexes your storage devices, providing a single unified view of all your content regardless of where it is actually stored – online, nearline, offline (tape) or cloud, making it easier than ever to manage multiple pools of storage.

For production and post-production environments, FLOW efficiently manages your content and seamlessly integrates with other content creation applications such as NLEs or Color Grading applications. With support for any frame rate, format and scaling up to 8K, FLOW can ingest, index, tag, organize, edit and deliver content from anywhere in the world. And with Automation, FLOW can simplify the most complex of tasks by automating entire workflows.