Water Cooler Club

We’ve been doing a lot of the talking during the past few webinars, and we’d like to hear from you!  This informal Q&A session is for you to ask any questions you may have.  Our CMO – Tracy Geist, Regional Sales Manager – Paul Saint, and Technical Pre-sales Specialist – Iain Churchill-Coleman are here to field your questions and join your conversation.  Ask about our products and services, the media production market in general, your favorite TV show or favorite classic car.  Join us for the fun! 

For this webinar, we’d like to see ALL your faces! Video is highly encouraged, but not required. Please enable video when you join so we can share and ask questions in real time, virtual face-to-face. By default, everyone will be on mute. We will all have access to chat and you’ll be able to to raise your hand to be unmuted so you can ask questions. We’re really looking forward to seeing you!

Webinar Speakers

Tracy Geist,
Chief Marketing Officer
Paul Saint,
Regional Sales Manager

Iain Churchill-Coleman,
Technical Pre-sales Specialist

Other Sessions