Storage should be simple

Do you feel boxed in by your current video storage solution?

With some storage,  creating more content can mean adding another silo, making it harder to find, move, and manipulate the media you need. This means you’re forced to move media around using USB sticks and drives, and you’re having to send files via slow and unsecure methods.

You and your team deserve something simpler and more reliable. That’s why we built EFS – simpler storage designed for media professionals. 

EFS organizes all your media on a single namespace, eliminating the need for multiple storage volumes. 

Our easy to use software enables you to seamlessly add capacity, share collaborative projects and integrate with all of your team’s favorite creative tools. And EFS gives you peace of mind with high availability and extreme reliability with no single point of failure. 

EFS comes equipped with advanced media asset management capabilities that allow you to easily search, retrieve, and archive your media assets with comprehensive tools and support for industry-standard protocols. Keep your media assets organized, accessible, and at your fingertips, so you can focus on doing what matters –  creating content that captivates your audience.

Setting up media storage can be done in seconds

Get teams up and running in minutes no matter how much storage they need and how they want to access it.

Simply add a user, optionally create a group, and then set up a mediaspace to work on. Setting up a production can be done in seconds, not hours.

The best creative teams are a little paranoid. They’re always thinking about version control and “who’s doing what with my content.”

This is why we built EditShare Guardian. Guardian makes it easy and intuitive to monitor the health of your system, quickly figure out “who touched that file last”, and set up automatic alerts when your disk space runs low.

Working with EditShare, we were able to demonstrate that not only was the new in-house system superior in functionality, it was so reliable and easy to use that the video staff at De Telegraaf would not need continuing support.

We looked at all the likely players, but EditShare gave us more than simple storage, it allowed us to make the business more unified.