Do you want to simplify your video storage?

Have all your media files in one place with EFS, Editshare’s bespoke video storage solution. EFS Storage is a powerful and comprehensive storage system designed to meet the needs of digital media production teams.

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EFS provides a secure and reliable platform for large-scale media file sharing and collaboration, as well as asset management, archiving and protection. You can access files quickly and securely from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Storage

Don’t feel boxed in by your current media storage solution. EFS allows you to integrate with industry-leading creative tools, such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, BlackMagic Design and more.

Non-distruptive scalability

Unlike other storage providers that make you start from scratch when you need more, EditShare storage scales with your team, allowing you to build on your foundation and add capacity at your own pace.

Durable Architecture

Don’t wait for a critical drive outage. Enjoy high availability and extreme reliability with no single point of failure. The EFS open storage solution gives you total peace of mind in 24/7 environments.

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Pricing starting from $X…

Make sure losing video footage is a thing of the past, and enquire about EFS today – video storage with no single point of failure all synchronized in one easy-to-find location.

Chello agency chooses EditShare

Put simply, the EditShare solution easily met all of our requirements and we are yet to even maximise how we use EditShare FLOW.

Working with EditShare, we were able to demonstrate that not only was the new in-house system superior in functionality, it was so reliable and easy to use that the video staff at De Telegraaf would not need continuing support.

We looked at all the likely players, but EditShare gave us more than simple storage, it allowed us to make the business more unified.

Plan Options

You can scale up when necessary by opting into monthly rental plans or yearly subscriptions tailored to suit any facility size.

Reach out to us and we will link you up with a media storage expert who understands the needs of your production.

Request a Demo Today

With EFS, your storage scales with your team, allowing you to add capacity at your own pace and without any downtime.

Thanks to its simple building-block approach, scaling capacity and bandwidth is as easy as plugging in additional storage nodes – and EFS even automatically rebalances your distribution of data.

Next Steps

  1. Get in touch using the form.
  2. We’ll connect you with a media specialist who understands the needs of the creative teams in your industry.
  3. We’ll schedule a short demo to show you what EFS can do and how it compares with what you’re using today.