Looking to save time in post production?

Streamline your post-production workflow, save time and work smarter with FLOW, Editshare’s award winning media asset management software.

Automated file indexing

Flow indexes and centralizes all your files regardless of where they sit. This makes your media searchable and accessible through a simple yet efficient UI.

Remote workflow editing

Whether working from your desk, remotely connecting from your home, or working in the cloud, your MAM suite is ready and available to manage and simplify your production workflow.

Integrations with your NLEs

Your team needs to effortlessly move between editing, VFX, and grading tools to do their jobs. FLOW works with Avid, Adobe, Final Cut, and Resolve, so your team can choose the tools they want to use, with the same unified experience.

Pricing starting from $X…

Our intuitive software makes it easy for your creative team to collaborate naturally  – whether that’s editors, producers or colourists working on a project together without the headache of managing multiple systems.

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There is cost benefit, workflow benefit, and security benefit, all stemming from working virtually in this way. It provides for a greater level of productivity. If we can make people more productive, wherever they want to work, that’s a win.

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Because the EditShare system is designed for content sharing, it makes the workflow as fast and as collaborative as possible. This means higher quality projects completed on time and of course most importantly, happier clients.

We looked at all the likely players, but EditShare gave us more than simple storage, it allowed us to make the business more unified.

Plan Options

You can also scale up when necessary by opting into monthly rental plans or yearly subscriptions tailored to suit any facility size.

Best of all? Each member is allowed the flexibility they need while still enjoying a unified user experience no matter which tools are being used.

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Act now and experience the power of our award-winning media management software with a free, no-obligation demo from one of our expert technical team members.

We can answer any questions you may have about FLOW or your organization’s specific workflow needs, as well as provide you with an individualized pricing breakdown that fits within your budget.

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