Using Analytics on Your Media Files


No matter what type of content you produce, analytics play a major role in your ability to be successful. This is just as true for a video as it is for a listicle. By understanding what does and does not engage an audience, you can fine-tune your work in the future. As more digital content incorporates multimedia elements, it’s now more important than ever that teams have access to a media management tool that provides this information. That’s why Wiredrive features comprehensive and intuitive analytics reporting. As a collaboration app, it already gives teams the ability to easily organize and provide feedback on their media files. Through analytics, it also offers the kind of insights that provide for greater success.

Monitoring Viewer Trends

Walk through the offices of any major digital publication, and you’ll likely spot screens throughout the hip open-space layout displaying the ever-shifting engagement data. Which articles are getting clicks. When people are reading them. How long they stay on the page.

These screens are there because being able to constantly see how content is performing is the simplest way to perfect it. Audience trends are fairly unpredictable. Teams need to be able to modify their approach quickly if need be. These data allow them to do so as soon as they notice a new trend.

It’s the same for those who work primarily in multimedia as it is for those who focus primarily on prose content.

In that respect, Wiredrive fulfills a key need. Through its analytics feature, it’s possible to see when a file was viewed, how many views it received over a certain period of time, and how long viewers watched it.

Unlike other analytics services, which often do not provide their own collaboration tool, Wiredrive allows users to share comments and feedback on files via the same system they used to monitor engagement. When media companies notice that content is not performing as expected, they typically convene meetings or send emails to address the issue. While this isn’t an entirely flawed approach, it also isn’t perfect. Ensuring that everyone on an email chain has reviewed the analytics data can be cumbersome. Meetings can occur days after a trend is spotted; in the meantime, little can be done to make the right changes.

Wiredrive’s analytics tools are built directly into its other features. As such, when teams see that a piece of content is failing, they can immediately begin collaborating to address the issue. If they notice it is succeeding, they can communicate their ideas on what made it work.

The result is stronger engagement. Analytics are only helpful when used to make the needed changes to a strategy or approach. On its own, this information is merely numbers on a screen. With Wiredrive’s media management features, you can use that information to get started on a new approach right away.