Tips for Showing a Client a Media Reel


If you work in video production or a similar creative field, your media reel is key to getting more clients. You have to make a great impression in a short amount of time. That means carefully curating your own work to make sure the best clips are on display, while also remembering that out of context, they might not have the same effect.

Using a media management app like Wiredrive will make this process much simpler. By having easy access to all your media files, as well as the ability to collaborate with other members of your team while making your selections, you can take the time needed to make the best possible choices.

To make sure your media reel shows off your skills, keep these tips in mind:

Have a Consistent Tone

In terms of tone, your past projects could be all over the map. Some are profound, some are funny, some are professional and informative. You might think that by tossing them all together in your reel, you’ll be able to show off how versatile you are.

What’s more likely, though, is that the rapid shifts in tone will prevent your work from having its intended effect. A funny clip might not be as entertaining if it comes right after an extremely serious one. Instead, try to aim for a consistent emotional feeling throughout your reel. Better yet, organize the reel so that the tone develops gradually into something new. A reel that begins as light and amusing, yet by the end has seemed to naturally grow into something very moving, will work better than one where the amusing and the moving are chaotically thrown together.

Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

Clients aren’t strictly interested in the finished product. While that is what’s most important, they want to see that your process reflects your expertise.

With that in mind, incorporate some behind the scenes elements into your media reel. This will demonstrate to clients that the great work they’re watching was not a fluke, but a natural result of your approach to a project.

Share the Good Stuff First

A demo reel has to have a certain flow to it, and often, the impulse is to build up to your best work. Think of an action movie trailer. Typically, it starts out fairly calm, with the more intense moments reserved for the end.

This works for a trailer, because moviegoers are a captive audience. Clients are not. They might not take the time to watch your entire reel if they’re not impressed with it from the start. As such, while it is important to keep the overall flow in mind, it’s more important to put your best work front and center.

Additionally, give clients the option to view your entire portfolio if the reel was interesting to them. With a media management tool like Wiredrive, you can easily share all your media assets with clients, giving them more reason to consider your team.