The Best Way to Share Media to Improve Workflow


As any media company will know, a streamlined and efficient workflow is dependent on sharing media files quickly, easily, and reliably. Wiredrive was created with this in mind, giving businesses one file sharing site for all their media assets. Having a single centralized platform for all your media file management needs will ensure optimum media sharing capabilities and increased production workflow.

Whether sharing media with team members or clients, your business needs a file sharing program that has versatile capabilities, reliable and speedy upload times, and built-in team collaboration and asset management tools. With a program like this put in place, your team will have all the tools needed to share media in a way that enhances and improves workflow. So how exactly does a tool like Wiredrive give your team the best way to share media?


Regardless of project scope or bulk of media assets being handled, having one platform for media sharing is essential for optimal workflow. Wiredrive allows you to upload and manage all of your files on one universally accessible platform, making it easier and faster for your team to work together. Using a cloud-based file sharing program such as Wiredrive means that your team members can have fast, web-based access to all their files no matter where they are. With all media assets located in one place, files can be labeled and organized and made visible to all participants in real time.

Wide Range Capabilities

Not all media files are the same, however to ensure a streamlined workflow, your business needs one file sharing program that can handle all types of assets. Leaving it to your team members to figure out how to share big files or different media formats, will only slow down the process and negatively impact productivity. Wiredrive allows you to share anything digital, whether video, image, audio or PDF format. Sharing big files is just as easy as sharing small ones, and your team members will be able to upload complex media rich files from any device, anywhere. Wiredrive also gives you options for how to share your media assets, offering your team everything from media galleries, to video reels, to media plugins.

Internal Collaboration

With all of your company’s media assets on one file sharing site, your employees and clients will need an easy way to review and track all projects. Wiredrive offers all of the metadata management tools and real-time updates necessary to ensure that your team stays on the same page and keeps moving forward. Comments, approvals, views, and forwards are all communicated to you via email notifications, guaranteeing that you don’t miss any updates along the way. All approvals are tracked, time-stamped and logged, helping streamline workflow for both works-in-progress as well as completed projects.

Media sharing is a key component to the workflow of any media company, regardless of scope or size. Without an effective media sharing program, the productivity and efficiency of your team will suffer and the long-term success of your company (as well as the happiness of your employees and clients) will be jeopardized. Wiredrive provides you with all of the tools your business needs to ensure that you are sharing your media assets in the best way possible. Ours is one of the fastest and easiest to use out there, designed with one goal in mind: to give you the best way to share media.