Messaging 7 billion people in 7 days: How do you collaborate effectively?


The Global Goals campaign with Project Everyone and UN agency partners branded the goals and aimed to reach 7 billion people in seven days. Project Everyone is the brainchild of Richard Curtis, a famous filmmaker, with the ambition to tell everyone in the world about the Global Goals so they are achieved in the best possible way. All over the world, the project is supported by many organizations and individuals including celebrities, media, NGO organizations, businesses, film companies, and production companies who have agreed to carry the goals to their fans, customers and users.

The quest for the right collaboration tool

The Global Goals project is by its nature a branding and advertising project. The initiative of this magnitude is dependent on large quantities of media files, created to carry the message across the globe. To be able to successfully and efficiently communicate with partners from all over the world and exchange documents, photos and videos, The Global Goals needed a media sharing solution that would support an operation of this importance and scale.

“We had heard from colleagues in different organizations about Wiredrive, and once we evaluated its features it became clear that this would be a great solution for our needs. Originally we planned to use Wiredrive only internally, as our team’s shared drive, but as time went on and we created more and more content, including videos, sending links externally using Wiredrive proved to be the easiest and most efficient way of transferring large files.” explains Katie Bradford, Director of Operations at The Global Goals.

The quest for the right collaboration tool

Using Wiredrive as their secure file storage and collaboration tool, the Global Goals team is able to share large files faster and more efficiently, both internally and with the project’s partners.

“We use Wiredrive every day as our internal storage system and the sharing function has allowed us to send content all over the world, from classrooms in Panama to the web team at MSN…The benefits we have with Wiredrive, such as ease of use and simpler sharing, are particularly noticeable when using large video files…Wiredrive showed as the perfect tool for all our needs, and became an absolute necessity at the height of our launch campaign. We would be lost without it.”

Besides file sharing, Wiredrive simplifies content organization and collaboration within the Global Goals organization. Unlike other solutions, Wiredrive’s project folder can be shared and updated even after it is viewed without needing to resend the presentation link. This feature allows the Global Goals team to save precious time since they don’t need to resend links every time changes to the project are made or worry if they missed an update.

“Wiredrive showed as the perfect tool for all our needs, and became an absolute necessity at the height of our launch campaign. We would be lost without it.”

Wiredrive stays at the heart of the project

The Global Goals project has impressive impact and visibility within almost every country in the world. In just a couple of days, the project’s promotional campaign managed to reach over 1 billion people over social networks and other digital platforms, with 4 million total video views across all Global Goals initiatives. Within the first and most intensive 7 days of promotion, Global Goals activities were visible to 3 billion people or 40% of the planet’s population.

Being visible and having extensive reach helps the project establish UN Goals as the benchmark of progress and nurture a new generation of campaigners to achieve these Goals in the future. Wiredrive stays in the heart of this long-running initiative, as an irreplaceable media sharing solution and a reliable partner for the entire Global Goals organization.

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