MediaSilo’s enhanced review features


Review workflows can be tiring and confusing. On most projects, numerous reviewers and stakeholders share, review and comment on any number of assets from pre-production to distribution. Even when all feedback is contained in a single platform, comments can get lost among the different versions and people can easily miss questions in different threads. While stacking versions is helpful for organization, toggling between screens makes it difficult to track what changes are pending and what you can mark complete.

These problems might sound insignificant, but they all add up to time and money wasted, and you cannot afford delays. MediaSilo aims to provide users with a way to collaborate with their team and clients more efficiently with new features to our review tools.

Range-based commenting

Sometimes feedback on a single timecode doesn’t say it all. With range-based commenting, you can select a range of time on your video content to leave a comment. 

Side-by-Side Review

When making changes during the editing process, it’s helpful to see edits all in one place. With side-by-side version review, you can compare versions of the same file to ensure the feedback is properly implemented. 

Side-by-Side Review

@user mentions

The review process is all about collaboration and, more importantly, prompt responses to notes. With @user mentions, you can tag your team in comments to send them an email notification that something requires their attention. By clicking on the notification, they are brought right to the file and comment to take the next step.

Review process

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