InSync PLUS Redefines Secure Sharing for the Advertising Industry


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InSync PLUS is a full-service creative agency with deep roots in the film, television, streaming, lifestyle, and branding industries.

With more than 50 years of experience, InSync PLUS pushes artistic potential to develop compelling trailers, TV spots, and digital campaigns to support feature films and shows, including Ford v Ferrari, Jurassic World, and Goliath.

Its integrated, personalized approach to client services brings the agency into daily contact with designers, production, and advertising companies with the highest expectations for professionalism and security. To ensure these clients meet their business objectives, InSync PLUS takes a proactive approach to client satisfaction by embracing the unexpected, exploring the unusual, and always seeking out the most unique creative expression for its clients.

The partnership with MediaSilo—along with an emphasis on anticipating and exceeding client needs and looking beyond traditional secure sharing strategies—puts InSync PLUS in an ideal position to pivot its clients’ workflows quickly when the COVID-19 crisis hit.

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New World, New Workflows

InSync PLUS was a long-time MediaSilo partner prior to the global health crisis—first as a Wiredrive user then upgrading to MediaSilo’s intuitive, highly secure platform in mid-2020. In the early days, its team of editors, producers, and creative directors was located on-premises and used Wiredrive alongside Aspera and Box to securely send and receive media using centralized storage and standard security policies.

Pre-COVID-19, a typical workflow included sending media links to studio executives for review and approval, then discussing feedback on a phone or Zoom call. But those traditional workflows had to evolve when the pandemic made remote work environments the industry standard.

According to InSync PLUS’s COO Patrick Esposito, one of the agency’s top priorities—before and during the pandemic—is ensuring that clients know their unreleased content remains safe at all times.

“The most important part of what we provide to our clients is the empathy and sympathy that we understand their needs,” Esposito said.

InSync PLUS clients were forced to upend workplace environments and embrace a brand-new way of working, which made supporting these values in the rapidly evolving production climate more critical than ever before.

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How MediaSilo Helps InSync PLUS Support Evolving Client Needs

When the InSync PLUS team began using the MediaSilo platform for secure sharing in June 2020, they quickly discovered that it addressed their clients’ new challenges and use cases significantly better than Wiredrive.

MediaSilo’s upgraded experience provides a secure, end-to-end solution for InSync PLUS’s team and its clients in a few key ways:

Simple but Secure Login

When a new project begins, the InSync PLUS team adds clients as MediaSilo users so they can access works-in-progress. To maintain a secure environment, clients receive a customized login link to their ready-to-review content that provides an authentication layer without the need to remember yet another password.

Full Media Protection

Depending on the use case, someone on the InSync PLUS team will select a playlist of files or pick a project or folder to share. InSync PLUS grants clients access to these resources by adding the clients’ names as recipients and then sharing with them the unique link generated by the system.

Customizable User Permissions

MediaSilo’s user permission model gives InSync Plus administrators and project owners full security oversight. They can assign client users roles with permissions to view and download content within their respective projects, but only InSync PLUS team members can share, upload, and delete content.

Custom role capabilities allow InSync PLUS internal users to directly invite clients to one or more projects rather than sharing individual projects or folders as private links. This streamlines the client experience by centralizing access to all InSync PLUS projects in one location within MediaSilo.

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Future-Proofing Secure Sharing with MediaSilo

When COVID-19 brought the entertainment industry to its knees, InSync PLUS stepped up to the challenge. Partnering with MediaSilo enabled the agency to operate at full capacity with a 100 percent remote team and stay focused on its clients’ needs during stressful, uncertain, rapidly changing times, including:

Using MediaSilo, InSync PLUS will continue to build on its legacy and help its clients in the entertainment industry navigate the future with authentic, effective, and measurable integrated marketing campaigns.