Inaugural Video Production Workflow Report 2022-2023



At the end of 2022, we surveyed 367 Shift Media customers in the film and television industry on their workflow to gather insights on the latest trends from pre- to post-production. The goal was to help others better understand the opportunities and challenges our industry has overcome recently.

Just as the pandemic brought new ways of doing business, so does the challenging economic climate we face going into 2023. As budgets face scrutiny and managing costs becomes more of a priority, streamlining processes with more comprehensive solutions will be more important than ever.

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Who We Surveyed
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Key Insights from the report

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

The challenging economic climate in 2023 will bring new challenges that require streamlining processes with more comprehensive solutions, with many still working from home.


*Fully or Semi-Remote.

Uplift In Virtual Production Projects

Production teams have adapted to having fewer people on hand and learned to lean on virtual tools for remote production. Here are the tools that they use most:


*Participants were allowed to choose more than one response. OTHER includes: Frame, Airtable, Frankie

Distribution Workflows Require A Digital First Approach

Streamlining processes is essential as the need to create high-quality content at a fast pace increases in demand.

“We get as much done in pre-pro to prep for production, so things go more smoothly. Using tools such as MediaSilo and Asana, we’re able to access any assets or briefs we might need.”                                     

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