How to Use Cloud Based Video Management


For media agencies and creative teams, finding the right video management system plays a major role in boosting efficiency. Agencies needs to be able to easily organize their files, keep them secure, and access and share them quickly. Many are finding that cloud-based video management offers the perfect solution. With Wiredrive’s media management tool, all uploaded files are hosted on a private cloud in a Tier 3 Data Management Center. This ensures that your videos remain safe. Through this process, your team can focus on collaboration, improving workflow.

Cloud Benefits

A media company that work with video will naturally be preoccupied with IT priorities. All team members need to be sure that video files are accessible to people throughout the company, and that there is no danger that files will be lost or damaged.

While this is an understandable and important concern to have, it can be a distracting one. Teams should be directing more of their energies towards creating the best possible work for their clients. They should not be devoting their attention to file security and availability.

With Wiredrive’s cloud-based video management system, media agencies have a reliable solution to this problem. The software is designed to ensure quick video upload speeds, significantly increasing the amount of work that can get done throughout the day.

Because media companies often collaborate on many different types of projects though, from graphic design to video production, it’s also important that they have options to store all of their media assets in the same cloud. During the collaborative process, trying to organize all relevant files can be very time-consuming if they are hosted on different platforms. Through Wiredrive, videos, photos, and all other media projects are all hosted on the same cloud, allowing for easier communication across departments.

Technological Solutions

The cloud also relieves the team members of their IT anxieties. If an agency hosts its video files on its own platform, it also needs to be sure it has a reliable IT staff to handle any potential problems. When files are automatically uploaded to a personal cloud, that previously major responsibility is shifted to a dependable outside party.

Instead of setting aside time and money to ensure that their media assets are protected by the latest and greatest security protocols. Companies that use cloud-based video management can be sure that the people who actually specialize in keeping files protected are on top of their IT needs. Just like an agency’s internal IT department, Wiredrive’s customer support service is available 25/7/365. While it’s not likely to happen, if concerns do arise, they can be immediately addressed.

For media agencies, the formula to success is far from simple. That said, a key part of the equation involves being able to handle projects quickly. As with any client-centric business, the more work you can do, the more your company can grow. This means using a collaboration app and media management tool that ensures your video files are stored quickly, easily, and safely. Which is exactly what Wiredrive offers.