How to Pick the Best Post-Production Collaboration Tool for Your Team


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In a time when production teams have to be comfortable collaborating remotely to meet tight deadlines and increasing customer expectations, scenarios like this can seem eerily familiar:

Your audio engineer is tasked with creating the final cut of your latest video project for a new client, working against a rapidly approaching deadline in their home office. When they look for the approved audio clip to add to the project, they can’t find it. They search Dropbox, hunt through their email, and try to contact team members via text, email, and Slack—all to no avail.

Now flip the script:

What if your team had one source of truth that helped each member of your team stay organized, collaborate, and share files, drafts, and communications, all with an intuitive, secure interface?

That’s what today’s industry-leading post-production collaboration tools are built to deliver.

So what are post-production collaboration tools, and how can they help your team?

What are post-production collaboration tools?

Simply put, post-production collaboration tools provide a centralized and secure place for your team to store, manage, and shape production assets.

Having “too many cooks in the kitchen” can be a hindrance in other industries. However, when it comes to creative projects that involve film, audio, and other visual arts, having as many experts in editing, sound, color, and other specialties as possible makes for even more impact.

Post-production tools are designed to help teams coordinate and integrate these perspectives and skill sets into the project. This is especially crucial now, with everyone in different work environments or even different time zones.

What can post-production tools offer your creative team?

At any given time, your creative team is juggling multiple campaigns with creative assets in various stages of completion. Add in the complexities of collaborating with teammates and customers worldwide, and the limits of email, chat, and video conferencing are quickly surpassed.

Post-production tools like MediaSilo provide the benefits of modern collaboration, secure storage, file sharing, and asset management solutions, all in one platform.

In turn, your team can:

The result is less time spent on inefficient workarounds and administrative tasks and more time delivering high quality content.

How can you pick the best post-production collaboration tools for your team’s needs?

Although every team and creative project is unique, there are design and collaboration best practices that are consistent across the industry and help teams boost their productivity.

So what are the features that should be at the top of your post-production collaboration tools must-have list?

You should seek a solution that:

Take your post-production process to the next level.

Choosing a post-production platform isn’t easy, especially for teams still adjusting to remote work and cloud-based environments.

However, platforms like MediaSilo are designed to offer your team members new ways to share, collaborate, and grow their post-production workflows no matter where, when, and how they choose to do their best work. From offering a variety of file-sharing features to providing a source of truth without time-consuming workarounds, MediaSilo is trusted by some of the biggest names in entertainment and advertising.

If you and your team are ready to learn more about how MediaSilo can enhance your post-production workflow with additional security and productivity features, then we recommend you take a look at MediaSilo’s Guide to Post-Production.