How Big Brands Manage Video Assets


Big brands today deal with a significantly greater quantity of digital and video assets than ever before. As a result, these companies have had to find better and more efficient ways to manage their assets. To meet this demand, a number of different digital media management softwares have begun to crop up, offering companies of varying sizes the tools they need to effectively organize their video content. These digital asset management systems help companies consolidate their assets on one platform that is easily accessible and allows for better team collaboration, more streamlined workflow, and simple usability for employees and clients alike. Wiredrive is one such system, built specifically for companies in creative production who handle a great deal of video assets on a daily basis.

Digital asset management systems such as Wiredrive offer big brands a platform capable of handling every digital asset that comes their way, regardless of size or format. With the growing popularity of 360 video and VR, many of these systems, Wiredrive included, have adapted to support these video formats as well. Having one universally accessible platform for all assets is crucial for big brands, allowing them to consolidate all of their content so that it is easy for all project members to upload, access, and organize their files.

It is essential too that large companies utilize a media management system that can be customized to their specific needs. Wiredrive allows users to create custom metadata categories, tags, and keywords to match the company’s specialized naming conventions, and gives users the ability to build custom folder structures to match specific workflows. Knowing that they can organize their video assets with customized metadata is a primary concern for big brands who want to be sure that content can be easy to locate and difficult to lose track of.

Implementing a video asset management system that is easy to use and has an intuitive interface is also key, especially for large companies dealing with many stakeholders all around the world. Wiredrive not only offers speedy and globally accessible service, but it also boasts a simple interface that all users will be able to navigate without any hindrances or need of additional IT support. Having a web-based video asset management system with no learning curve significantly cuts down time and cost, two factors that are very important to any big brand.

Large companies deal with a vast quantity of video assets with varying life cycles. To manage all of this content properly and efficiently, big brands also need to be sure that everything is properly archived in a manner that makes it quick and easy for an individual to locate specific files. Video asset management programs like Wiredrive make it easy to build corporate memory, giving users the tools necessary to create highly organized and detailed libraries so that members of the organization can find what they need and distribute it within minutes.