Cooking up a better content collaboration strategy



Like many prominent consumer brands, our client had decided to bring their creative and content production in-house. With the World Federation of Advertisers reporting that moving creative work in-house delivers cost efficiencies greater than 30% in some instances, it’s no wonder that companies have embraced this option. The study also found that the growing number of brands using this strategy experienced 64% better integration and increased brand and business knowledge by 59%.

While this approach allowed our client to grow creatively and control every aspect of their content creation, it also introduced problems that led to a chaotic workflow. Overseeing social and digital content creation for over 300 unique brands while blending traditional production with a new high-tech approach required tight collaboration between internal teams and external freelancers. Using multiple free tools led to confusion over which version of an asset to use and created siloed efforts between the different teams and platforms. Having one platform for work-in-progress assets, one for finished assets and yet another one that allowed freelancers to collaborate led to extremely long review cycles. With no standardized process for content submission and different systems for different parts of their workflow, trying to get timely feedback proved impossible. And when you’re producing over 20,000 assets a year, speed against tight deadlines is vital. The confusion and roadblocks created by their existing workflow caused delays they simply could no longer afford.


After hearing about a colleague’s success with our software, their brand experience team contacted Shift Media, desperate to upgrade their collaboration system for content production. Their main goal was to streamline their previous workflow that siloed work-in-progress, finished assets and freelancers. They needed a standardized process for content submission, a work-in-progress system to organize files, collaborate and share with stakeholders for faster feedback, and they wanted to do it all on a single platform.

They found the perfect solution in MediaSilo, which allowed them to securely manage all video production assets in one common collaboration hub. Freelancers could share content with the internal team and each other instantly, streamlining the review process. They no longer waste time searching for the latest file version or following up with stakeholders, allowing them to increase production with those much-needed manhours. Every file, from concept to delivery, is now easily accessible by the entire team. MediaSilo helped unite all internal and external stakeholders with accelerated delivery timelines and simplified their workflow, providing solutions in asset management, review and approval and content presentation. This increased efficiency allowed them to accelerate production delivery timelines, enabling triple-digit improvement in marketing spend ROI.

With MediaSilo, our client was able to make secure video collaboration easy and eliminate superfluous tools, leading to significant cost savings and giving them back the time and money they needed to focus on cooking up quality content.

MediaSilo allows for easy management of your media files, seamless collaboration for critical feedback, and out-of-the-box synchronization with your timeline for efficient changes. See how MediaSilo is powering modern post-production workflows with a 14-day free trial.