All Elite Wrestling finds victory with MediaSilo

All Elite Wrestling finds victory with MediaSilo

For every All Elite Wrestling (AEW) event, nearly a million enthusiastic fans from 6 different continents tune in and wait for their favorite wrestler to appear. The AEW graphics team creates 100s of assets each week that need to be distributed within the arena and to their partners worldwide before the show starts. There is zero time for errors, especially from their software. This is the high-stakes world of All Elite Wrestling, and they rely on MediaSilo to keep their workflow running smoothly and their extremely passionate fans satisfied. 

Since 2019, AEW has built a loyal fanbase of over 41 million viewers worldwide by providing the most spectacular wrestling matches and entertainment anywhere. Their fans don’t just expect to stay informed on the latest news – they demand it. 

With partners and fans relying on them for information, efficiency is critical, and software malfunction is not an option. Dealing with system-wide shutdowns caused by file sharing across borders could lead to delays and undeliverable assets. With incredibly tight deadlines, stalled delivery times would be unacceptable and quickly lead to frustration amongst the team and partners. With their fans’ near-insatiable appetite for content, the risk of losing engagement isn’t an option. They need a platform that can handle their international workload. 

Adding another layer of complexity is the sheer number of assets the AEW team needs. Creating digital and social assets for multiple shows in multiple countries every week means keeping track of hundreds of unique file types and sizes, as well as the latest revisions. Collision assets are a different size than Dynamite assets; some international partners require unique dimensions and in-arena LED assets to consider as well. And the lack of detailed tagging made the process confusing and time-consuming. AEW sends hundreds of assets a week to twenty different partners, and they had no way of knowing if the files they sent were ever opened or viewed, leading to duplicated efforts of resending graphics that had gone overlooked or links lost in emails. 

After researching multiple video collaboration platforms, a colleague showed them her MediaSilo workspace. They liked how straightforward our platform appeared and reached out for a free 14-day trial. From the price point, functionality, download capabilities and, most importantly, our reliability and customer support, they were sold. 

We collaborated to simplify their workflow and gave them a single solution to manage and distribute their finished assets – one that always offers global coverage and consistency to everyone. Manually keeping track of delivered assets and links was also a thing of the past. Folders are created where the graphics team drops assets tagged by talent. Each file is tagged so that it’s easy for anyone to recognize the wrestler, where the match takes place and where it needs to be delivered. Unique links are sent to partners where MediaSilo’s Insights feature provides searchable analytics that track when, where and for how long any asset is viewed. Meaning AEW knows when it’s been opened and downloaded, reducing duplicative efforts. 

Most importantly, they never have to worry about broken links or getting locked out of their system. “Since we switched to MediaSilo, we haven’t had a single issue of any person saying that this link is not working or I can’t download this file,” says one AEW employee. “We’ve even used MediaSilo on the fly to get assets from our production facility to the truck outside and into the arena, saving valuable time on event days.”

AEW has worked hard to test the limits of MediaSilo but has found nothing but success with this partnership. “We use this tool every week,” one AEW employee says, “and it’s been very reliable.”

They needed a powerful media management and distribution tool to stand up to their fast-paced international workflow. MediaSilo helps reduce excessive time and stress, allowing them to focus on what really matters – delivering quality content that keeps their fans engaged. 


MediaSiloallows for easy management of your media files, seamless collaboration for critical feedback, and out-of-the-box synchronization with your timeline for efficient changes. See how MediaSilo is powering modern post-production workflows with a 14-day free trial.