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EditShare’s and MoovIT’s end-to-end solution for collaborative editing and project management leads to big workflow gains for Adobe users, on premise and in the cloud. EFS open storage and FLOW media management, integrated with the Helmut4 suite of products, form the industry’s most comprehensive project management and remote editing workflow solution for enterprise Adobe workgroups. Helmut4 automates routine processes and simplifies postproduction tasks from ingest to playout.

Helmut4 empowers editing projects and redefines project management

FX, IO, Cosmo, Housekeeper: Helmut4 is more than the sum of its tools

Helmut’s built-in ‘Streamdesigner’ is what truly makes the difference

The Helmut4 Eco-System

FX as project manager, IO as renderfarm, Cosmo as visualizing database and Housekeeper for being organized.

Helmut4 provides the ultimate solution to increase the overall efficiency of editing projects in professional video production environments where Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition are in use. Helmut4 serves as connecting element within the infrastructure as well as integrator of third-party systems. Thanks to the ‘Streamdesigner’ Helmut’s range of functions is limitless and, above all, it is customizable to specific needs and ideas.

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