EditShare and CIS Group Strengthen Partnership to Drive Business in Eastern US and Brazil

15 APR 2020

Media workflow experts build advanced, secure editorial workflows and remote productions with EditShare media engineered shared storage and management solutions

Boston, MA – April 16, 2020 – EditShare,®a technology leader that specializes in collaboration, security, and intelligent storage solutions for media creation and management, today announced that CIS Group has joined the EditShare Channel Partner Program. Known for its exceptional consultative approach to media workflow design and system integration, CIS serves all media verticals including entertainment, broadcast, news, corporate, houses of worship, and digital agencies across the Eastern United States and Brazil. In addition to leveraging EditShare’s software defined storage, asset management and cloud solutions to build open and highly scalable media workflows, as a part of the partnership, CIS offers a special EditShare-based Remote Editorial Core bundle. The NLE-agnostic offering enables a variety of remote production workflows including advanced proxy editing.

“CIS Group’s greatest asset is its institutional knowledge of media workflows. This is especially crucial as their customers seek guidance in leveraging the real benefits of APIs, cloud and AI capabilities for building agile on-premise and remote productions,” states Greg Lawler, Vice President of Sales, EditShare. “With EditShare’s open and highly extensible platform, CIS can design and deliver truly transformative workflows that not only simplify the art of storytelling but also offer companies entirely new ways to use their valuable media assets to engage, entertain, communicate and educate.”

Under the new channel partner program, CIS has access to the full product portfolio of EFS media engineered shared storage and FLOW media management tools, including SaaS and perpetual licensing models for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud configurations. CIS will also work closely with the EditShare customer success teams, enabling them to architect robust, multi-vendor tailored production and distribution workflows that achieve new levels of productivity.

“The opportunity to utilize emerging technologies like cloud and AI to reinvent your operation and ultimately expand your business has brought forth an interesting era. If capitalized on correctly, the opportunities are endless. However, with all the hype and promises, it’s important to have a clear path forward,” comments Matt Silva, CEO, CIS Group. “EditShare brings that clarity and they do so on every level. They have clear core values, clear principles they abide by and they are clear on what their solutions can do with regards to expansion through APIs, cloud and AI. For a channel partner, that clarity translates into a confidence that you can design media infrastructures that propel entirely new media workflows for your clients. EditShare is the brand we trust to transform our clients’ vision into reality.”

EditShare’s longstanding strategic relationship with CIS Group has grown over the years and today represents a wide range of shared customer successes, including news outlets like The Wall Street Journal, regional broadcast stations in the United States; multi-site operations across London, New York, and Singapore; and large corporate brands like Ashley Home Furnishings.

“It’s clear that EditShare has stepped into their customers’ shoes and designed the solutions from their unique perspective and needs. They understand the pressure points and opened EditShare solutions to integrate with tools our customers want to use, adding out of the box capabilities like auditing and health performance that offer tremendous transparency and peace of mind,” Robson Fernandes, Director of Engineering and Professional Services, CIS Group. “EditShare’s concern for the customer experience can also be seen in the incredible effort they put in educating and supporting their channel partners. We are responsible for the design and delivery of their solutions and their training and support ensures that the entire process is a great experience, from our very first encounter to every single one thereafter.”

EditShare channel partner training and support include certification through the new EditShare Academy program. To learn more about the EditShare Channel Partner Program, please visit https://editshare.com/become-a-partner.

About CIS Group

Established in 1988, CIS Group’s history includes a lot of evolution as a result of the team’s desire and ability to always stay ahead of the curve. CIS Group’s mission is to enable story tellers to share their experiences with their audiences by providing them with the most effective media workflow solutions for their respective production goals, and by supporting their technical and operational requirements post-delivery. Covering both Brazil and the United States extensively, CIS is considered a reference in the systems integration space as a result of its specializations in content production & post-production, solutions for broadcast & news, workflows for asset management systems, acquisition, shared storage, media services, graphics and multi-platform distribution on-premise or in the cloud. Headquartered in Florida, USA, CIS has offices in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo); New York, USA; and Porto, Portugal, serving markets globally. Learn more at www.cisgroup.tv.

About EditShare

EditShare is a technology innovator in media engineered storage and advanced workflow solutions for storytellers that need collaboration without boundaries. EditShare’s open solutions and APIs enable secure collaboration and maximize efficiency every step of the way. The award-winning product portfolio enables end-to-end workflows, on-premise and in the cloud, through media optimized shared storage, workflow aligned media management solutions, robust APIs, and an Emmy award-winning non-linear video editing application.

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