Crafting Stories from the Chaos with EditShare’s Zoom Integration

Stephen Tallamy

Stephen Tallamy


COVID has most of the world following ‘shelter-at-home’ and ‘work-from-home’ protocols. And, it certainly looks like we will be observing some form of social distancing for some time as we cautiously step back into what’s to be the new normal. Of course, for many of us, that means endless Zoom meetings (thank goodness for the stability of Zoom) while we attempt to go on with our daily lives. In between those work and school moments, we are seeking some moments of entertainment. All of this has creators of video content working overtime to do what they love – tell us stories – just in a different way.

Our newscasters are collaborating to deliver the news from their homes. Late night and daytime talk shows are getting creative on entertaining us – inclusive of guest celebrity appearances – from their homes. Somewhere out there, someone is creating a reality TV series about life during COVID. Hopefully they will run the gamut of heartbreaking, funny, emotional and informing stories to share with future generations.  

All of this still requires filming, and editing, and producing. Very little of this was done remotely before. We are all learning as we go. While we all step out of our comfort zone a bit, we have the opportunity to take advantage of amazing technologies that are right at hand and turn lemons to lemonade. There is one thing for sure… we are getting good at Zoom.  

Several days ago, I was at the end of a long week and sat back to do my weekly status report. I realized that I spent a good percentage of my day on video calls. Internal meetings, webinars – those we produced and those I attended, happy hour with friends, and catching up with the parents. It made me realize that we aren’t really social distancing as much as we are physical distancing. We are using video more than ever before and have an amazing opportunity to capture these moments and share them with the world.

This got me thinking – could we bring together the world of video conferencing and video production so that anyone can craft stories from all this new material we are capturing. Quickly editing together Zoom recordings of a webinar into bite-sized highlights, creating an education package from a Zoom classroom (removing the five minute chaos half way through when one student spilt drink over their laptop) and helping news agencies quickly pull together different recordings to formulate a heartwarming interview (without the “you are on mute” prompts).  

With this in mind, I started playing around with the combination of Zoom and EditShare’s Flow media management tool. I thought – what if we could give any creator/producer an easy way to ingest all their recordings, index the associated metadata, and easily combine them into a timeline to produce a story – all in the cloud. After all, we know how to do this. We do it all the time. Just usually with different inputs.

The video I’m sharing with you here is the culmination of those efforts. If you want to simplify the process of telling stories with EditShare’s Flow and Zoom recordings, we have an integration ready for you to try. 

So, get in touch. Let us work with you. Let’s create amazing, together.