Flow 3 Media Asset Management incorporating AirFlow and Automation

Flow 3 is a significant update to EditShare’s powerful media asset management software, adding the ability to manage any file type, not just video content. The system allows audio clips, still images and documents to be tracked throughout a project. More importantly, users can add their own “asset type” metadata to these files.

The Flow 3 product group now consists of

Flow Browse allows you to manage your ingest process and provides advanced search functionality for media in local or shared storage.

AirFlow is new to the Flow product suite. AirFlow enables you to organise your media files and permissions via the cloud.

Flow Automation can help you to reduce your time on repetitive tasks by creating customised workflow templates and a range of other automated processes


Flow Logger comes with an intuitive interface that makes for stress-free logging.

Flow Ingest gives you advanced features like the ability to capture metadata on ingest and comes with support for a massive range of video codecs.

"An entire workflow in a box" Andy Liebman, EditShare CEO

Flow being demonstrated at NAB in Las Vegas

Customers who purchase our storage equipment now benefit from the added brilliance of Flow, giving you more functionality and more control over your valuable media assets. 

South Pacific Pictures

Flow plays a central role in the production of Shortland Street, New Zealands most popular hospital soap opera.